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Dark Clouds Over North Korea

By Herbert Wulf  |  18 May, 2022

In the shadow of the Ukraine war and far from international attention, three problematic developments can be observed in North Korea: COVID-19 infections are a cause for concern, the election of the South Korean president signals a hardening of the fronts and, encouraged by Russia's war in Ukraine, Kim Jong-un’s government continues to focus on the expansion of its nuclear capabilities. This gives rise to fears of nuclear proliferation in Asia.

How Ukraine is Setting the Stage for a Nuclear Domino Effect in Northeast Asia

By Chung-in Moon  |  10 May, 2022

The Cold War was a time when humankind trembled at the fearful prospect of nuclear war. But it was also a time when strategic stability coalesced from the strategy of nuclear deterrence and a range of negotiations about nuclear disarmament. That’s known as the paradox of the Cold War.

Labour Migration and Climate Justice?

By Carol Farbotko, Taukiei Kitara and Olivia Dun  |  07 May, 2022

Migration is a potentially adaptive response to climate change. Adaptive migration responses do not involve only permanent movement away from a climate vulnerable site; temporary migration, when migrants may bring or send back additional funds, new knowledge, upgraded skills and other resources, can help to build resilience among communities in climate vulnerable areas.

Double Standards are Normal in Foreign Policy

By Ramesh Thakur  |  05 May, 2022

What is it about some Westerners that makes them so singularly lacking in self-awareness as they assume a position of moral and intellectual superiority to issue condescending pronouncements on non-Westerners? In their chapter in the 1999 book The power of human rights, Thomas Risse and Stephen Ropp wrote: ‘Pressure by Western states and international organizations can greatly increase the vulnerability of norm-violating governments to external influences.’

About Football-, Pandemic-, Kremlin- and Military Experts

By Herbert Wulf  |  03 May, 2022

A glance at the analyses and conclusions of just about any major newspaper or news website will confirm: the self-proclaimed military experts are in charge, ready to explain to us what "heavy weapons", "no-fly zones", "anti-aircraft guns", "flagships" etc. are. Any why not? They’ve been dealing with the matter for quite some time now, a whole two months since February 24, 2022.

IPCC Mitigation Report, 2022: What it Implies for Developing Countries

By Robert Mizo  |  01 May, 2022

There is no doubt that climate change needs to be addressed by all countries in a concerted manner. The fact remains, however, that there is a wide variance among countries both in terms of capacity to address and culpability for the problem. Developing and least developed countries are likely to suffer disproportionately the effects of climate change.

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