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Africa's Coups: A Challenge for the UN's Conflict Prevention Efforts

By Jordan Ryan  |  19 September, 2023

The succession of military coups in Africa over the past three years has exposed the failure of the United Nations to act coherently to prevent conflict.

US Decides to Supply Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine

By Ramesh Thakur  |  11 September, 2023

The US announced on 6 September that it will provide armour-piercing depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.

America: The Biggest Danger to the Security of the World?

By Chung-in Moon  |  07 September, 2023

With experts seeing risks in America’s domestic politics, is it wise for Korea to bet the house on the US?

Gendering the Climate-Conflict Nexus

By Tobias Ide  |  29 August, 2023

Debates on climate change and conflict and discussions around women, peace and conflict are largely taking place in separate silos. Rather than acknowledging the numerous intersections of those two topics and enriching each other’s work, there has been little engagement between experts on both issues.

Yoon’s Talk of “Anti-State Forces” and an End-of-War Declaration for Korea

By Chung-in Moon  |  25 August, 2023

Is there any reason to think that off-the-cuff remarks about “anti-state forces” will actually contribute to a national security policy based on a national consensus?

Alliance with the US Constrains Strategic Autonomy: South Korean Expert

By Wang Wenwen  |  16 August, 2023

In an interview with Global Times, Chung-in Moon talks about China-South Korea relations, South Korea's alliance with the US and strategic autonomy, and its role in preserving regional stability.

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