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Agonizing over Europe’s Defence: Some Narratives are Getting Ahead of the Facts

By Herbert Wulf  |  04 April, 2024

Russia's aggression against Ukraine in February two years ago was a shock to European security policy. It did not come entirely out of the blue, however, because Russia had already annexed Crimea in 2014 in violation of international law. But the great rupture in European security architecture happened in February 2022.

Floating in Uncertain Waters: Northeast Asian Outlook January–March 2024

By Hugh Miall  |  30 March, 2024

Since the San Francisco summit between President Biden and President Xi on November 2023, US–China relations have at least stopped deteriorating. The summit seems to have fulfilled at least the minimal hopes that were pinned on it.

Pacific Islanders Have Long Drawn Wisdom From the Earth, the Sky and the Waves

By Patrick Nunn and Roselyn Kumar  |  19 March, 2024

Much traditional knowledge in the Pacific for coping with climate change is scientifically plausible. This indicates such knowledge should play a significant role in sustaining Pacific Island communities in future.

Leaky Roof: Melting Himalayas in the ‘Asian Century’

By Robert Mizo  |  15 March, 2024

The roof of the world is leaking; melting to be more precise. The fragile Himalayan ecosphere is facing an imminent threat from warming temperatures induced by climate change. This will not only have ecological consequences but will alter, if not destroy, the lives of millions living downstream across political boundaries and cultures.

Boots on the Ground?

By Herbert Wulf  |  01 March, 2024

In February, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility that soldiers from NATO countries could also be deployed in Ukraine. This announcement has caused considerable irritation in the EU and NATO, for various reasons.

There’s More to Security than Deterrence

By Chung-in Moon  |  27 February, 2024

The search for strategic stability on the Korean Peninsula requires us to devise methods of deterrence that are capable of minimizing the interminable cycle of the security dilemma.

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