The Toda International Research Advisory Council (TIRAC)

The Toda International Research Advisory Council (TIRAC) is a group of distinguished scholars, recognised for their expertise in one or more of the Toda Peace Institute’s five thematic areas. TIRAC was convened in October 2020. TIRAC’s role is to guide and advise on Toda’s programme of research and workshops in the five thematic areas, through actively engaging with Toda, consulting with the Director and Senior Research Fellows, and providing links to academics, policy makers and practitioners around the world.

The current members of TIRAC are:

For further details about the members of TIRAC, see the profiles below.

Kazuo Matsushita <span>Japan</span>

Kazuo Matsushita Japan

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Vladimir Baranovsky <span>Russia</span>

Vladimir Baranovsky Russia

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Chung-in Moon <span>South Korea</span>

Chung-in Moon South Korea

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Stein T√łnnesson <span>Norway</span>

Stein T√łnnesson Norway

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Iria Puyosa <span>Venezuela/USA</span>

Iria Puyosa Venezuela/USA

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Cathy Buerger <span>USA</span>

Cathy Buerger USA

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Tong Zhao <span>China</span>

Tong Zhao China

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Lydia Khalil <span>Australia</span>

Lydia Khalil Australia

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Jordan Ryan <span>USA</span>

Jordan Ryan USA

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