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Skyfall: Cluster Munitions for Ukraine

By Herbert Wulf  |  21 July, 2023

The US government has decided to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine after lengthy internal controversial debates. With this measure, the next step on the escalation ladder in this murderous war will be climbed

The Unholy Alliance of Orientalism, Ethnocentrism, Misogynism, and Terrorism, Part I: Understanding Taliban Apologism

By Bashir Mobasher  |  20 July, 2023

Taliban apologism is an ongoing and growing public relations campaign to justify their draconian order, paving the way for an international recognition of this terrorist group as Afghanistan’s true potentates and normalising the Taliban internationally as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan.

The Unholy Alliance of Orientalism, Ethnocentrism, Misogynism, and Terrorism, Part II: Five False Narratives of Orientalist Taliban Apologists

By Bashir Mobasher  |  20 July, 2023

A new set of Orientalist narratives are deliberately romanticising the Taliban as the natural rulers of Afghanistan. This is a dangerous and flawed strategy emerging in at least five false narratives about the Afghan society and the Taliban.

Riding the Heatwave: India’s Sweltering Exposure to Climate Change

By Robert Mizo  |  13 July, 2023

The end of June brought monsoon rains to North India as it always does. The rains were a welcome respite from the scorching heat the region reeled under since March. The heat waves that swept through North India in 2023 attest to the fact that India is witnessing and enduring the impacts of climate change.

The Search for a Political Solution to the Ukraine War

By Shyam Saran  |  11 July, 2023

The Ukraine war is not between Russia and Ukraine but between Russia and NATO led by the US. Russia’s declared objective of its “special military operation” is preventing the future expansion of NATO closer to its borders. If this proposition is correct, then one cannot avoid the conclusion that Russia has so far not gained any of its objectives in this war.

The Wagner Coup: Strategic Setback or Military Deception?

By Ramesh Thakur  |  07 July, 2023

The Wagner coup equation doesn’t compute. It just doesn’t add up. Herbert Wulf gave us a concise summary of the surreal 24 hours that gripped the world. But there are missing pieces of the puzzle that we haven’t been given.

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