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Ramesh Thakur is emeritus professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University; Senior Fellow, Toda Peace Institute; and a member of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network Board of Directors. He was formerly a United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Co-Convenor of the APLN.

Turning the Gaza Ceasefire into a Circuit-Breaker

By Ramesh Thakur  |  27 November, 2023

Israelis and Palestinians have to somehow draw a line under the past – or they will face a future of chaos.

Nuclear Disarmament and UN Reforms

By Ramesh Thakur  |  19 October, 2023

It would be false to claim that a UN-negotiated treaty, following a UN-authorised process and conference, has no implications for the legality and legitimacy of nuclear-weapon possession and practices.

India-Pakistan Cricket is Downstream of Politics

By Ramesh Thakur  |  09 October, 2023

In the early afternoon of 14 October, India and Pakistan will play their first cricket match in many a year on the soil of either country. It's a passion that unites the two peoples.

Diaspora Politics Blow Up Canada–India Relations

By Ramesh Thakur  |  28 September, 2023

Relations between Canada and India are in a tailspin after allegations that India was behind the June 18 killing of a prominent British Columbia Sikh leader who was wanted in India on murder and terrorism charges.

US Decides to Supply Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine

By Ramesh Thakur  |  11 September, 2023

The US announced on 6 September that it will provide armour-piercing depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.

Powerful Nuclear Norms Trump Tinkering With Treaties

By Ramesh Thakur  |  11 August, 2023

The legal status of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty remains in limbo. And its normative force may be at risk of being weakened by overenthusiastic champions.

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