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Climate Change and Conflict

To understand and promote environmental security alongside sustainable and just development in order to protect peoples against the negative impacts of climate change, socio-economic fragility and conflict.

The aims of the Toda Peace Institute’s programme on climate change and conflict in Oceania are to:

  • provide policy-relevant research and
  • explore findings that can be translated into practical policies and peacebuilding practice.

Oceania is a politically and ethnically diverse region whose recent history has been marked by instability. Environmental degradation caused by climate change has increased the vulnerability of Pacific Island communities. Toda’s programme links locally focused research to the broader international debates in the climate change-conflict-security research community. We engage in concepts that currently have major traction in these debates including:

  • resilience,
  • environmental/ecological security,
  • relationality,
  • hybridity,
  • post-liberal peacebuilding

The programme aims to fill knowledge gaps working alongside Pacific actors and address their capacity needs with regard to their own work on climate change and conflict. Toda brings together leading international and local experts on climate change, policymakers and practitioners—civil society organisations and peacebuilders—in the region, creating opportunities for increased dialogue and policy engagement at local and national levels in Oceania in order to develop conflict-sensitive policies and strategies for grappling with the negative impacts of climate change.

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