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Hugh Miall

Senior Research Fellow

Hugh Miall


  • Conflict Resolution, Arms Control and Disarmament

Dr. Hugh Miall is Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the University of Kent, and Chair of the Conflict Research Society. He has been Research Director of the Oxford Research Group, Director of the Richardson Institute for Peace and Conflict Research, a Research Fellow in the European Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Professor of International Relations, Head of the School of Politics and International Relations and Director of the Conflict Analysis Research Centre at the University of Kent. His main research area is in conflict research and conflict resolution. He is the author of ‘Contemporary Conflict Resolution’, ‘Emergent Conflict and Peaceful Change’, ‘The Peacemakers’, ‘Shaping the New Europe’, ‘Redefining Europe: New Patterns of Conflict and Cooperation’, ‘Minority Rights in Europe’, ‘Beyond Deterrence’, ‘Nuclear Weapons: Who’s in Charge?’ ‘The UN, Religion and NGOs’ and ‘Energy Efficient Futures: Opening the Solar Option.’ He is a trained mediator and has co-facilitated several peacebuilding workshops.


BA in Modern History (Oxon), PhD in Peace and Conflict Research (Lancaster).