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Global Outlook: Climate Change and Conflict

Gendering the Climate-Conflict Nexus

By Tobias Ide  |  29 August, 2023

Debates on climate change and conflict and discussions around women, peace and conflict are largely taking place in separate silos. Rather than acknowledging the numerous intersections of those two topics and enriching each other’s work, there has been little engagement between experts on both issues.

Could the Law of the Sea Be Used to Protect Small Island States from Climate Change?

By Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb and Margaret Young  |  28 July, 2023

Climate change will wreak havoc on small island developing states in the Pacific and elsewhere. Yet island states are resourceful. They are not only adapting to change but also seeking legal advice.

Riding the Heatwave: India’s Sweltering Exposure to Climate Change

By Robert Mizo  |  13 July, 2023

The end of June brought monsoon rains to North India as it always does. The rains were a welcome respite from the scorching heat the region reeled under since March. The heat waves that swept through North India in 2023 attest to the fact that India is witnessing and enduring the impacts of climate change.

India’s G20 Presidency: Can It Reshape International Climate Politics?

By Robert Mizo  |  15 June, 2023

India’s presidency of the G20 for 2023 has been hailed with much fanfare and national pride in India. It has the platform and the responsibility to direct the collective energies of the group towards not only addressing the climate crisis but also potentially reshape the ideological contours of international climate politics.

Climate Change, Disasters and Armed Conflict

By Tobias Ide  |  07 June, 2023

During the 21st century, humanity will cross an important planetary boundary and head into a much more climate-insecure future. One characteristic of this future will be higher risks of climate-related disasters, such as droughts, storms, floods, and heatwaves.Both experts and policy makers have long expressed concerns about climate change as a security risk, with disasters playing a key role in these debates.

Climate isn’t a Distraction from the Military’s Job of War Fighting. It’s Front and Centre

By Matt McDonald  |  25 April, 2023

It was pitched as the “most significant” shift in Australia’s armed forces in decades. And among the headline announcements, climate change was recognised as an issue of national security. But the strategic review of Australia’s military released yesterday doesn’t go a lot further than that when it comes to the climate crisis.

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