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Endorsements of the Pacific Declaration

Toda Pacific Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace

In September 2018, the Toda Peace Institute and the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Otago, New Zealand) conducted a workshop on “Climate Change and Conflict in the Pacific: Prevention, Management and the Enhancement of Community Resilience” in Auckland, New Zealand.

Flowing from the debates and findings of that workshop, a draft of the ‘Toda Pacific Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace’ was elaborated and opened for comment. After an extensive and comprehensive process of discussion and several iterations of the draft, the Declaration was launched on 29 July 2019. The Declaration has been contributed to by many academics, policymakers, peacebuilding practitioners and civil society actors concerned about the challenges and potential conflict linkages posed by climatic uncertainty in the Pacific. In particular, Toda is grateful to the lead authors Volker Boege, John Campbell, Kevin Clements, Kirsten Davies and Upolu Luma Vaai.

Our wish now is that the Declaration, available at this link on the Toda website, will be widely circulated and endorsed by as many people and organisations as possible. Organisational endorsements can count the number of people represented by the organisation. Please go to the link, endorse the Declaration and circulate it widely to your networks.

Read the Declaration 戸田太平洋宣言



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