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Global Outlook: Peace and Security in Northeast Asia

South Korea-China Cooperation Still Has a Long Way To Go

By Chung-in Moon  |  27 June, 2024

There’s a critical need to fundamentally rethink Korea-China relations from a pragmatic perspective.

Floating in Uncertain Waters: Northeast Asian Outlook January–March 2024

By Hugh Miall  |  30 March, 2024

Since the San Francisco summit between President Biden and President Xi on November 2023, US–China relations have at least stopped deteriorating. The summit seems to have fulfilled at least the minimal hopes that were pinned on it.

There’s More to Security than Deterrence

By Chung-in Moon  |  27 February, 2024

The search for strategic stability on the Korean Peninsula requires us to devise methods of deterrence that are capable of minimizing the interminable cycle of the security dilemma.

Yoon’s Talk of “Anti-State Forces” and an End-of-War Declaration for Korea

By Chung-in Moon  |  25 August, 2023

Is there any reason to think that off-the-cuff remarks about “anti-state forces” will actually contribute to a national security policy based on a national consensus?

Alliance with the US Constrains Strategic Autonomy: South Korean Expert

By Wang Wenwen  |  16 August, 2023

In an interview with Global Times, Chung-in Moon talks about China-South Korea relations, South Korea's alliance with the US and strategic autonomy, and its role in preserving regional stability.

Northeast Asia Prospects after the G7: High Winds, Choppy Waters and Even Dangerous Storms

By Hugh Miall  |  20 June, 2023

Tensions remain high in Northeast Asia following the G7 summit, which asserted the principles of the US-led order rather than seeking to accommodate the conflicting interests and orders in the region.

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