Global Outlook: Peace and Security in Northeast Asia

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Global Outlook: Peace and Security in Northeast Asia

Nuclear Armament is a Lose-Lose-Lose for South Korea

By Chung-in Moon  |  03 March, 2023

The path toward acquiring nuclear weapons could jeopardize Korea’s survival, endanger its prosperity, and damage its prestige in the international community.

Balanced Leadership Needed for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

By Chung-in Moon  |  08 February, 2023

On the Korean Peninsula, robust national security and the willingness to wage war are not enough to guarantee peace.

Yoon’s Pursuit of Strong Security Mustn’t Cost Public’s Peace of Mind, Argues Expert

By Cheong Wook-Sik  |  10 January, 2023

Moon Chung-in, a noted expert in the field of international relations and peace affairs, shares his thoughts on where we’re headed in 2023

Incremental Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula

By Chung-in Moon  |  16 December, 2022

Amid a troubling geopolitical environment, USIP’s Frank Aum discussed the prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula with Yonsei University’s Dr. Moon Chung-in, who has advised three South Korean presidents on North Korea policy and was one of the architects of the “sunshine” engagement policy in the 1990s.

It’s Time for South Korea to Think Seriously About Crisis Stability

By Chung-in Moon  |  30 November, 2022

Crisis stability is as important as deterrence and as much attention should be paid to preventing wars as to winning them.

Is an Economic Security Alliance with US in Korea’s Best Interest?

By Chung-in Moon  |  07 November, 2022

While a military alliance and values alliance between South Korea and the US have both been espoused by previous conservative governments in Korea, the economic security alliance is a fairly new concept. But we should be wary of the flashing red lights.

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