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Global Outlook: Global Challenges to Democracy

After the Election: What Next in India?

By Herbert Wulf  |  24 June, 2024

India has voted in a new parliament. With the support of smaller parties, Modi has received a third term in office. Will these results change India’s foreign, economic and socio-political policies?

It's China, Stupid! Why the West Is Courting India

By Herbert Wulf  |  22 April, 2024

The West—the US, the EU, Germany, Japan, Australia and many other countries—are courting the Indian government and vying for India's partnership, for the closest possible political and economic relations.

Africa's Coups: A Challenge for the UN's Conflict Prevention Efforts

By Jordan Ryan  |  19 September, 2023

The succession of military coups in Africa over the past three years has exposed the failure of the United Nations to act coherently to prevent conflict.

Polarisation as a Challenge to Democracy

By Wolfgang Merkel  |  02 August, 2023

It is above all social conflicts that shape politics, its disputes and its effects on democracy. The effects can be positive or negative, depending on the degree of conflict and its substance.

India’s Growing Democratic Deficit

By Ramesh Thakur  |  25 March, 2021

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Democracy Index published in early February, the world’s top five democracies are Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada. North Korea sits triumphantly at the bottom. India is classified as one of the world’s 52 ‘flawed democracies’. Its score dropped from 7.92 in 2014 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power to 6.61 last year, and its global ranking slipped from 27th to 53rd among 167 countries surveyed in 2020.

How Do We Heal Now?

By Paula Green  |  25 January, 2021

President Biden frequently calls for “healing the soul of our country.” Lincoln wrote of “binding up the nation’s wounds.” Has the current exposure of our nation’s brokenness revealed an opportunity to give these words new meaning? Can we stop the bloodshed, diagnose symptoms, treat root causes?

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