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Nuclear Disarmament and UN Reforms

By Ramesh Thakur  |  19 October, 2023

It would be false to claim that a UN-negotiated treaty, following a UN-authorised process and conference, has no implications for the legality and legitimacy of nuclear-weapon possession and practices.

Scaling the Wall of Grief in Israel and Palestine

By Lisa Schirch  |  17 October, 2023

Scaling the wall of grief requires us to understand history. Stories of the intertwined history of European Christians, Jews, and Palestinian Muslims and Christians are grappling hooks to help us begin to scale this wall.

Director's Statement: The Hamas-Israel Conflict

By Kevin P. Clements  |  13 October, 2023

A statement from Toda Peace Institute Director, Kevin P. Clements, on the Hamas-Israel conflict.

India-Pakistan Cricket is Downstream of Politics

By Ramesh Thakur  |  09 October, 2023

In the early afternoon of 14 October, India and Pakistan will play their first cricket match in many a year on the soil of either country. It's a passion that unites the two peoples.

Diaspora Politics Blow Up Canada–India Relations

By Ramesh Thakur  |  28 September, 2023

Relations between Canada and India are in a tailspin after allegations that India was behind the June 18 killing of a prominent British Columbia Sikh leader who was wanted in India on murder and terrorism charges.

Africa's Coups: A Challenge for the UN's Conflict Prevention Efforts

By Jordan Ryan  |  19 September, 2023

The succession of military coups in Africa over the past three years has exposed the failure of the United Nations to act coherently to prevent conflict.

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