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Climate Change: The Missing Agenda in India’s Recent Elections

By Robert Mizo  |  14 June, 2024

The recently concluded general election in India was shrouded in irony. The six-week long voting period coincided with one of the worst heat waves yet recorded, but there was hardly any discussion of climate change or environment-related issues in the public political discourse.

Why a New Ruling on the Law of the Sea and Climate Change Matters for Australia and Especially Our Island Neighbours

By Clive Schofield and Karen Scott  |  27 May, 2024

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has found countries are obliged to protect the oceans from climate change impacts under the law of the sea.

The Quad, Maritime Security, and Climate Change

By Robert Mizo  |  15 May, 2024

The Quad has an opportunity (and a need) to revamp itself as a bigger, more durable platform by engaging with diverse concerns of the region, including non-traditional ones, particularly climate change.

It's China, Stupid! Why the West Is Courting India

By Herbert Wulf  |  22 April, 2024

The West—the US, the EU, Germany, Japan, Australia and many other countries—are courting the Indian government and vying for India's partnership, for the closest possible political and economic relations.

Iran-Israel: The Escalation Calculus

By Lydia Khalil  |  19 April, 2024

Iran’s weekend strike against Israel was thwarted, but how should we calculate its impacts?

Have New Zealanders Really Been ‘Misled’ About AUKUS, or Is Involvement Now a Foregone Conclusion?

By Marco de Jong and Robert Patman  |  16 April, 2024

Any assessment of New Zealand’s strategic interests must be clear-eyed and not clouded by partial truths or wishful thinking.

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