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Global Outlook Articles by Herbert Wulf

Herbert Wulf is a Professor of International Relations and former Director of the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). He is presently a Senior Fellow at BICC, an Adjunct Senior Researcher at the Institute for Development and Peace, University of Duisburg/Essen, Germany, and a Research Affiliate at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand. He serves on the Scientific Councils of SIPRI and the Centre for Conflict Studies of the University of Marburg, Germany.

It's China, Stupid! Why the West Is Courting India

By Herbert Wulf  |  22 April, 2024

The West—the US, the EU, Germany, Japan, Australia and many other countries—are courting the Indian government and vying for India's partnership, for the closest possible political and economic relations.

Agonizing over Europe’s Defence: Some Narratives are Getting Ahead of the Facts

By Herbert Wulf  |  04 April, 2024

Russia's aggression against Ukraine in February two years ago was a shock to European security policy. It did not come entirely out of the blue, however, because Russia had already annexed Crimea in 2014 in violation of international law. But the great rupture in European security architecture happened in February 2022.

Boots on the Ground?

By Herbert Wulf  |  01 March, 2024

In February, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility that soldiers from NATO countries could also be deployed in Ukraine. This announcement has caused considerable irritation in the EU and NATO, for various reasons.

India's Balancing Act: 'Limited Liability Partnership'

By Herbert Wulf  |  31 October, 2023

The Indian government has, in contrast to many governments of the Global South, assured Israel of its full solidarity following the Hamas terrorist attack. The reaction after the start of Russia's war against Ukraine was quite different. The history of India-Russia and India-Israel relations illustrates why.

In Search of an Exit Strategy

By Herbert Wulf  |  08 August, 2023

The Ukraine war seems unending. Both sides continue to rely primarily on military means and, in addition, on economic measures. Diplomatic initiatives have so far failed. But in the long term, there is no way around negotiating with Russia about ending the war, but also about European security.

Skyfall: Cluster Munitions for Ukraine

By Herbert Wulf  |  21 July, 2023

The US government has decided to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine after lengthy internal controversial debates. With this measure, the next step on the escalation ladder in this murderous war will be climbed

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