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Toda Peace Institute supports indigenous and traditional approaches to achieving climate change mitigation and adaptation, conflict resolution, peace and security in the Pacific, in partnership with global and regional experts. This series of commissioned Global Outlook articles has a focus on Pasifika concerns and approaches to some of the big questions facing COP28, in particular with regard to the climate-conflict-peace nexus.

Viewpoints on COP28
Special Global
Outlook series

COP28, Peace and the Pacific Islands

Dr. Volker Boege outlines the major issues for Pacific Island countries at COP28, as fossil-fuel rich UAE prepares to host the meeting ...


Volker Boege

Dr. Volker Boege is Senior Research Fellow at Toda Peace Institute.

PCC at COP28: Advocating for Phasing Out of Fossil Fuels, Funding for Loss and Damage, and Peace

Rev. James Bhagwan on the compelling reasons for the Pacific Conference of Churches to attend COP28 in Dubai ...


Rev. James Bhagwan

Rev. James Bhagwan is the General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches.

A Loss and Damage Fund in the Pacific?

If funding for climate change loss and damage is to reach those most affected, the real climate change adaptation that is needed is to how climate finance is delivered ...


Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins works in the areas of peacebuilding, governance, community development and gender.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

John Campbell on challenges to the narrative of climate change as an existential crisis for Pacific Island countries ...


John Campbell

John Campbell is a New Zealand researcher working on the human dimensions of climate change.

COP28 and the Unaccounted Loss and Damage for Pacific Youth

Ria Shibata writes that the voice of Pacific youth at COP28 is absolutely indispensable...


Ria Shibata

Ria Shibata is a Senior Research Fellow at the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies.

A New Pacific Diplomacy for COP28

Pacific Island countries agency and coherence at COP28 can be understood as a New Pacific Diplomacy approach...


George Carter

George Carter is Director of ANU’s Pacific Institute

Building Peace Amidst Climate Challenges: Insights from Conciliation Resources

Pursuing global ambitions for peace, gender equality and inclusion within a changing climate are connected and complementary goals...


Mercy Masta

Mercy Masta is a Programme Associate at Conciliation Resources.

This is not climate justice: The Australia-Tuvalu Falepili Union

Welcomed by some, the Falepili Union does not deliver climate justice for Tuvaluan people...


Taukiei Kitara and Carol Farbotko

Taukiei Kitara and Carol Farbotko are researchers from Griffith University.

Fairness and Climate Justice in the Face of Unimaginable Consequences

As COP28 gets underway in Dubai, this article highlights the major concerns and demands of Pacific Island nations seeking climate justice...


Volker Boege

Dr. Volker Boege is Senior Research Fellow at Toda Peace Institute.

Hard-Fought COP28 Agreement on Fossil Fuels– But Climate Catastrophe Is Not Yet Averted

Is the @COP28_UAE agreement on fossil fuels a serious commitment or a failure to recognise the plight of Small Island States?...


Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald is Associate Professor of International Relations at The University of Queensland.

COP28 Offers Too Little of an “Oasis" for AOSIS in a Desert of Climate Justice

COP28’s compromised text calls for a voluntary, non-binding “transition” away from fossil fuels without commitments, timetables, or enforceable steps forward....


James Bhagwan

Rev. James Bhagwan is the General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches.

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