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Whom Does the Shift from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific Serve?

By Chung-in Moon  |  16 May, 2023

Dramatic changes in a regional order take place as the result of large wars between great powers or internal political changes to these powers, like revolutions. What strikes me as so peculiar is that the Indo-Pacific strategy—first proposed by former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and then elaborated by US Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden—and the resulting new order in the region have emerged as a predominant paradigm in such a short time, even as the previous Asia-Pacific order remains intact.

Nuclear Weapons May Not Be In Seoul’s Best Interest

By Ramesh Thakur  |  15 May, 2023

In January this year President Yoon Suk-yeol became the first incumbent South Korean president to raise the possibility of an indigenous bomb for South Korea. But going nuclear would likely hurt rather than enhance South Korea’s global prestige.

Nuclear Clouds Over the 38th Parallel

By Herbert Wulf  |  11 May, 2023

North Korea has continued to advance its nuclear weapons program and has launched more than 100 missiles since the beginning of 2022, some with intercontinental range. In South Korea, this is causing unrest and fears of an attack from the North. The government and a large majority of the population are uncertain about the credibility of US protection. According to polls, more than 70 percent of South Koreans are in favour of their own nuclear armament.

Northeast Asian Rivalries Intensify Before G7

By Hugh Miall  |  03 May, 2023

As the G7 prepares to meet in Hiroshima in May 2023, prospects for world order look bleaker than they have been for some time. Northeast Asia is a particular site of tensions. China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea disagree over regional order, world order, and territorial issues. Military expenditure is rising rapidly and North Korea is consolidating its status as a nuclear power. The growing US-China rivalry dominates the region.

Climate isn’t a Distraction from the Military’s Job of War Fighting. It’s Front and Centre

By Matt McDonald  |  25 April, 2023

It was pitched as the “most significant” shift in Australia’s armed forces in decades. And among the headline announcements, climate change was recognised as an issue of national security. But the strategic review of Australia’s military released yesterday doesn’t go a lot further than that when it comes to the climate crisis.

China-Strategy: Transatlantic and European Cacophony

By Herbert Wulf  |  23 April, 2023

The G7 summit of foreign ministers in Japan in mid-April sought to emphasise the need for a unified China policy. However, the diplomatic pronouncements can only gloss over the internal contradictions, but not eliminate them.

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