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Balanced Leadership Needed for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

By Chung-in Moon  |  08 February, 2023

On the Korean Peninsula, robust national security and the willingness to wage war are not enough to guarantee peace.

Lost for Words: Fears of ‘Catastrophic’ Language Loss Due to Rising Seas

By Karen McVeigh  |  07 February, 2023

Climate crisis could be ‘final nail in the coffin’ for half of all surviving languages, say linguists, as coastal communities are forced to migrate.

At the Global Top Table. Will 2023 Be India's Year?

By Herbert Wulf  |  18 January, 2023

Three developments contribute to the fact that 2023 could indeed become India's global political year: India's chairmanship of the G20 countries, interestingly its role in the war in Ukraine, and the increasingly widespread critical view of China.

Environment, Peace and Conflict Research: The Need for Constructive Dialogue

By Tobias Ide  |  17 January, 2023

Despite the rapid growth in environmental peace and conflict research over the past two decades, the field remains deeply divided, with little (constructive) engagement between the various research streams.

Why Pacific Islanders are Staying Put Even as Rising Seas Flood Their Homes and Crops

By Merewalesi Yee, Annah Piggott-McKellar, Celia McMichael and Karen E. McNamara  |  13 January, 2023

Climate change is forcing people around the world to abandon their homes. In the Pacific Islands, rising sea levels are leaving communities facing tough decisions about relocation. Some are choosing to stay in high-risk areas.

Yoon’s Pursuit of Strong Security Mustn’t Cost Public’s Peace of Mind, Argues Expert

By Cheong Wook-Sik  |  10 January, 2023

Moon Chung-in, a noted expert in the field of international relations and peace affairs, shares his thoughts on where we’re headed in 2023

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