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The Missing Link - Indigenous Pasifika Climate Knowledge

By Tafue Lusama  |  07 March, 2023

The global climate narrative has been largely shaped by Eurocentric philosophies, frameworks, and concepts. In most cases, adaptation and mitigation measures are formulated outside of the Pacific region, trialed, and then implemented in the Pacific with the assumption that they are the best solution for the Pacific Island countries, without considering the indigenous knowledges that do exist at the grassroots.

Nuclear Armament is a Lose-Lose-Lose for South Korea

By Chung-in Moon  |  03 March, 2023

The path toward acquiring nuclear weapons could jeopardize Korea’s survival, endanger its prosperity, and damage its prestige in the international community.


By Herbert Wulf  |  01 March, 2023

In the Ukraine war, both sides are escalating verbally and militarily. To achieve what? To de-escalate, win or freeze the war, create a strong position for negotiations? When is the time ripe for negotiations and are there proven conflict resolution patterns that are relevant for an end to the war?

High Hurdles on the Long Road to Ukraine Negotiations

By Günther Baechler  |  28 February, 2023

Committed observers insist that the parties to the conflict sit down at the table immediately and resolve their dispute peacefully and by consensus. The problem is: if the conditions for a peaceful solution in a conflict system had already existed before the escalation, then the use of violence would not have occurred. If the conditions for dialogue are not in place before an escalation, they are usually even less so after the threshold of violence has been crossed.

Habitability and Relational Security

By John Campbell and Carol Farbotko  |  20 February, 2023

Climate change may very seriously threaten the material necessities of life and wellbeing. However, focussing on the tangible can cause us to overlook or neglect the non-material elements of people’s security which for most people in, and from, Pacific Islands, are critically important.

Is Climate Change a Threat to Australia’s National Security?

By Tobias Ide  |  16 February, 2023

Australians are increasingly expressing concerns about the security implications of climate change. This might not be surprising given the long coastline of the country and the frequent occurrence of bushfires, cyclones, droughts, and most recently some of the worst floods in Australia’s history.

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