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ANZUS at 70: How Does New Zealand View the Treaty Today?

By Kennedy Graham  |  18 September, 2021

With ANZUS having turned 70, how does New Zealand view the Treaty today? In political opinion, virtually not at all; in terms of its legal, strategic and cultural context, the answer is more complex and nuanced.

Real Lesson Korea Should Take Away from Fall of Kabul

By Chung-in Moon  |  15 September, 2021

In order to not repeat the errors of Afghanistan, South Korea must reconsider the role the US military plays on the peninsula.

What is the Point of Peace Research?

By Roger Mac Ginty  |  13 September, 2021

Peace as a research topic and as a practice has never received as much attention and funding. University classes on peace and related topics are in rude health. There is a constant stream of academic and policy papers on peace, and there is now a very substantial international cadre of ‘peace professionals’ working for international organisations and international non-governmental organisations. In short, it is a good time to be in the peace business.

Time is Ripe to Reduce Global Military Spending

By Michael Brzoska  |  11 September, 2021

Time is ripe for initiatives to reduce global military spending. Global military expenditures are at record levels. The current pandemic is a stark reminder of the financial resources needed to prevent and meet future crises.

The Afghanistan Situation Does Not Bode Well for Peace

By Amin Saikal  |  08 September, 2021

The return to power of the Pakistan-orchestrated Taliban has dashed any prospect for the transformation of Afghanistan into a stable, secure and peaceful state in the foreseeable future. The Taliban’s newly formed interim cabinet leaves no room for a majority of the Afghan people and the international community to legitimise it as politically and ethically acceptable. Afghanistan is now potentially positioned as a pariah state.

Afghanistan: Can We Learn from the Mistakes and Chaos?

By Herbert Wulf  |  22 August, 2021

The disaster of a twenty-year Afghanistan policy is complete. The West is facing the broken pieces of its policies and the future of Afghanistan, with the Taliban in power, is uncertain. The situation is so complex that it is difficult to find convincing answers to the many open questions.

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