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[SHARE] Trump's perilous approach to Afghanistan

Dec 2020 - News

Click here to read the article. The US presidential transition has generated much uncertainty not only for the American public, but also for many of America’s allies and adversaries around the world. [Quotation]

Symposium: 'Examining Norms and Regulations for Emerging-Technology Weapons', 19 December

Nov 2020 - News

Toda Peace Institute Online Symposium “Examining Norms and Regulations for Emerging-Technology Weapons: From the Perspectives of Security, Human Rights and Humanitarian Considerations” Date: December 19 (Sat), 2020 Time: 14:00-16:30 (JST) (The symposium will be conducted in Japanese) オンライン・シンポジウム 先端技術兵器の規制を考える ―安全保障と人権・人道の観点から― 日時:12月19日 14:00-16:30 More information 

[SHARE] Managing Climate Risks in the Pacific Through Transformational Change

Nov 2020 - News

Click here to read the article. Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Adrian Orr, who is the grandson of a Cook Island migrant to New Zealand, highlighted the need for kaitiakitanga or guardianship in addressing climate change, when addressing the 2020 Pacific Ocean, Pacific Climate Change conference in October. Read more... [Quotation]

[SHARE] Is Social Media driving instability?

Nov 2020 - News

Click here to read the article. Toda International Research Advisory Council member, Sanjana Hattotuwa, recently reflected on social media's role in helping spread anxiety, violence and hate, and the lessons that can be offered by progressive policy making and regulation of social media. Listen to the Classification Office Podcast: Social media with Sanjana Hattotuwa [Quotation]

[SHARE] Disarming the unarmed: Current reality of nuclear ban treaty

Nov 2020 - News

Click here to read the article. While the 50th ratification of the Ban treaty is a landmark event, alas, the ultimate objective the treaty, a nuclear weapons free world stays out of reach. Where did the treaty go wrong? And what can be the small steps that strip the nuclear weapons of its salience to get the nations to nuclear elimination. Read more... [Quotation]