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Top priorities for new Tuvalu government

Mar 2024 - News

  Recent news stories from Tuvalu indicate the new government's priorities regarding climate change and the Falepili Union with Australia. Tuvalu's new government to seek revisions to Falepili Union Tuvalu's new government has signalled it will seek revisions to a landmark treaty signed with the Australian Government, the Falepili Union. Read more from ABC's Pacific Beat  Climate change, Falepili treaty, Taiwan on new Tuvalu governments to-do list Climate change and the impacts of sea level rise, the Tuvalu-Australia Falepili Union, and strengthening relationship with Taiwan are among the list of priorities for Tuvalu's new government. Read more from RNZ International Pacific News. Image: Tatohra/

Are women in Tonga looking for a new land to call home?

Feb 2024 - News

    Image: IKT collections/ A small team from the University of Waikato is leading a two-year project about how climate change affects people departing their homelands in Tonga and Samoa. A survey with 600 respondees revealed there's particular interest from Tongan women to leave the Kingdom, a gender difference not reflected in the Samoan respondents. Read more from Radio New Zealand International

NZ to help strengthen Pacific climate response

Feb 2024 - News

  A new funding arrangement to strengthen climate change resilience in the Pacific has been announced during a recent New Pacific Mission delegation visit to Cook Islands, Tonga and Samoa. The New Zealand government has confirmed additional support of NZ$15.2 million over three years to help SPREP strengthen the crucial role it plays in providing advice and support in the Pacific. Read more from Radio New Zealand International

Updates from COP28

Dec 2023 - News

    Keep up to date with the latest news from COP28 as it relates to Pacific Island countries (latest stories at the top): Pacific campaigners not happy with COP28 deal RNZ International Pacific climate leaders have criticised the new COP28 deal, which calls on countries to 'move away' from the use of fossil fuels but does not use 'phase out' language Faith communities committed to climate action at UN talks RNZ International Secretary general of the Pacific Conference of Churches, Reverend James Bhagwan, said his organisation has been fighting for climate finance alongside a phase-out of fossil fuels. 'Buffet of dead rats':Backlash against COP28 draft agreement RNZ International The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) said they were "greatly concerned" and "feel our voices are not being heard" at the UN climate talks. COP28 'will not be credible' if countries can't 'phase out fossil fuels', Marshall Islands warns  RNZ International Marshall Islands Natural Resources and Commerce Minister John Silk told the global communithy that the poeple of the Marshall Islands will not go silently to their "watery graves". Helping the Pacific financially is a great start – but Australia must act on the root cause of the climate crisis The Conversation Wesley Morgan responds to Australia's pledge of $150M to climate finance for vulnerable Pacific countries COP28 Declaration on Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace Full text of the Declaration developed by the COP28n Presidency, signed by 74 countries and 43 organisations. COP28: Pacific leaders launch "Blue Prosperity" initiative in Dubai  RNZ International Pacific leaders launched their "bold vision" which they hope will "create transformational partnerships" for a prosperous region on Sunday. Forum SG Puna bullish on COP28 opportunities  RNZ International Pacific Islands Forum secretary general Henry Puna said from Dubai Sunday that he is encouraging the dozens of Pacific representatives at COP28 to remain optimistic that a good result is achievable from the two-week summit. Regenvanu plans to cement phase out of fossil fuels at COP28 ABC Pacific Vanuatu's climate change minister, Ralph Regenvanu, says his aim at this week's climate meeting, COP 28, is to cement an ambitious phase out of fossil fuels. COP28 climate summit just approved a 'loss and damage' fund. What does this mean? The Conversation Matt McDonald writes that while the COP28 announcement is welcome, there is a lot that needs clarifying about this fund. COP28 disaster fund 'significant' but not good enough - Pacific climate group RNZ International The Pacific Islands Climate Action Network says while the Loss and Damage Fund deal reached at the COP28summit in Dubai is significant, it does not go far enough. Pacific delegates arrive in Dubai for COP 28 ABC Pacific Pacific climate activists will be pushing for global leaders to focus on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Australia-Tuvalu falepili union 'shameful' - former Tuvalu PM

Nov 2023 - News

    Former PM of Tuvalu, Enele Sopoaga, has written that the people of Tuvalu were never consulted about the Australia-Tuvalu falepili initiative nor was it ever raised in Parliament. It is not a climate change response. It is ceding Tuvalu sovereignty to Australia. It reverses Tuvalu political status to that of 45 years ago. Read more from RNZ International Pacific News. In another story, Enele Sopoaga vows to says he will scrap the Australia-Tuvalu Falepili Union treaty if elected to lead government in the upcoming election. Read more from RNZ International Pacific News. Australia has responded to criticism of the agreement by saying it allows both parties to achieve 'shared interests'. Read more from RNZ International Pacific News. Image: Prehistorik/