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Vanuatu PM: Climate change is greatest threat to regional security

Jun 2023 - News

  Vanuatu Prime Minister, Ishmael Kalsakau, says Pacific security is about the security of the Pacific peoples and their way of life as identified by Forum Leaders in the Boe Declaration. Kalsakau said this reaffirms climate change as the single greatst threat to regional security. Read more from Radio New Zealand International Image: Cyclone Pam approaching VanuatuHarrison Tran/Flickr

Climate change resolution adopted at Asia-Pacific summit

May 2023 - News

  Governments from across Asia-Pacific have endorsed a UN resolution to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact. The 10 resolutions passed at the ESCAP meeting held in Thailand include promoting clean energy technologies, improving power system connectivity and low-emission mobility, implementing early warning systems and strengthening the use of climate change-related statistics. Read more from Radio New Zealand International Image:Song Song village, Northern Mariana IslandsNaima Niemand/Shutterstock

UN Adopts Vanuatu-led Resolution on Climate Change

Mar 2023 - News

The UN General Assembly has adopted a Vanuatu-led resolution calling for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on climate change and human rights. The resolution was tabled by Vanuatu and a core group of 17 countries, aiming to clarify what the obligations of states are in protecting the rights of current and future generations from the adverse effects of climate change. Read more from Radio New Zealand International. story published 30 March 2023   Image: ausnewsde/Shutterstock

Vanuatu Minister Calls for Commission on Fossil Fuels

Mar 2023 - News

Vanuatu's Minister of Climate Ralph Regenvanu has called for the establishment of a Global Commission on Fossil Fuels to establish an authoritative evidence base on the impacts of fossil fuels to inform the phase out that's needed. Read more from Radio New Zealand International. Listen to a 9-minute interview with Minister Regenvanu from ABC Pacific 'Port Vila call to phase out fossil fuels': Radio New Zealand International Watch a Public Conversation with Ralph Regenvanu, then-Leader of the Opposition in Vanuatu, discussing deep-sea mining. Recorded in May 2022.   Image: Dancing_Man/Shutterstock

International Award for Dr Tobias Ide

Mar 2023 - News

Dr Tobias Ide, a Toda Peace Institute expert contributor, has been awarded the first International Science Prize 2023 from the Hans Günter Brauch Foundation on the theme Climate Change and Conflicts. The award was given for Dr Ide’s book: Catastrophes, Confrontations and Constraints – How Disasters Shape the Dynamics of Armed Conflict published by MIT Press, 6 June 2023. Dr Ide is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Murdoch University (Perth, Australia). He also holds appointments as a Specially Appointed Professor for Peace and Sustainability at Hiroshima University and as Adjunct Associate Professor for International Relations at Braunschweig University (Germany). He received his BA and MA from Leipzig University, his PhD from Hamburg University (2015), his advanced PhD (Habilitation) from Braunschweig University) 2019. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 14 July 2023, in the Alte Mälzerei in Mosbach (Germany). The Prize consists of a certificate and a prize money of 3.000 Euros. The prize will be awarded annually in Mosbach (Germany). Dr Ide’s publications for Toda Peace Institute are: Policy Brief 80 Quantitative Climate-Conflict Research: Limitations and Prospects of Alternative Approaches What Do We Know About Climate Change, Peace and Conflict? The Age of Intersecting Crises? Environment, Peace and Conflict Research: The Need for Constructive Dialogue Is climate change a threat to Australian security?