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The West is Facing a New Alliance of Autocracies and Theocracies

By Amin Saikal  |  16 July, 2022

World politics has reached an ominous phase of polarisation. The struggle between the US-led democracies and the Russo-Chinese-led autocracies primarily underpins this development. Yet there’s also another dangerous dimension to it: the emergence of close relations between the autocratic powers and such extremist theocratic forces as the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Bridging Troubled Waters: Forging Cohesion in Divided Societies

By Chaiwat Satha-Anand  |  01 July, 2022

In an era of social tension and conflict, building bridges to foster cohesion has become critical. As the classic song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” reminds us, we should not ignore the troubled waters under the bridges that we are building.

Squaring the Circle

By Herbert Wulf  |  22 June, 2022

Immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all the governments of the EU and the European NATO countries reacted. Not only with support for Ukraine, but also by announcing an increase of their own military spending. There are some indications that not everything can actually be financed.

America’s Shaky Leadership Makes for Uneasy Global Order

By Chung-in Moon  |  02 June, 2022

It’s hard to shake the impression that the US has become a kind of “outsourcing hegemon” that relies on its friends and allies to handle big jobs in the international community because its own power is more limited than it once was.

Double Standards

By Herbert Wulf  |  05 April, 2022

At present, historical analogies are very often used to explain reasons for or against the causes of the war in Ukraine or to describe the horrors of this war with historical arguments. Some of these comparisons are downright perfidious, while others are far-fetched or out of place. Historical analogies can provide a framework for orientation. But if arguments are made with historical, moral statements, then they should be applied consistently.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

By Joseph Camilleri  |  02 April, 2022

Momentous challenges are pressing in on us on all sides. One day it is Covid, the next day Ukraine, the day after the ravages of climate change, then the many ugly faces of racism. The list goes on. Are these just unconnected afflictions, or symptoms of a deeper ailment? How do we make sense of it all? Can we go beyond political spin, propaganda, platitudes? How do we communicate with others about all this? How can we respond? The 7-week series is one modest attempt to address these questions.

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