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America: The Biggest Danger to the Security of the World?

By Chung-in Moon  |  07 September, 2023

With experts seeing risks in America’s domestic politics, is it wise for Korea to bet the house on the US?

Realising the UN’s Vision: Steps Toward a New Architecture for Peace

By Jordan Ryan  |  04 August, 2023

The post-WWII architecture centred around the UN Security Council is often inadequate to respond effectively to the dizzying array of modern, interconnected threats.

The Unholy Alliance of Orientalism, Ethnocentrism, Misogynism, and Terrorism, Part I: Understanding Taliban Apologism

By Bashir Mobasher  |  20 July, 2023

Taliban apologism is an ongoing and growing public relations campaign to justify their draconian order, paving the way for an international recognition of this terrorist group as Afghanistan’s true potentates and normalising the Taliban internationally as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan.

The Unholy Alliance of Orientalism, Ethnocentrism, Misogynism, and Terrorism, Part II: Five False Narratives of Orientalist Taliban Apologists

By Bashir Mobasher  |  20 July, 2023

A new set of Orientalist narratives are deliberately romanticising the Taliban as the natural rulers of Afghanistan. This is a dangerous and flawed strategy emerging in at least five false narratives about the Afghan society and the Taliban.

Implications of the Fraying of the Liberal International Order for Policy Oriented Research

By Ramesh Thakur  |  18 March, 2023

International politics is the struggle for the dominant normative architecture of world order based on the interlay of power, economic weight and ideas for the good international society. For several decades now wealth and power have been shifting from the west to the east and produced a rebalancing of the world order.

At the Global Top Table. Will 2023 Be India's Year?

By Herbert Wulf  |  18 January, 2023

Three developments contribute to the fact that 2023 could indeed become India's global political year: India's chairmanship of the G20 countries, interestingly its role in the war in Ukraine, and the increasingly widespread critical view of China.

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