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Global Outlook: Cooperative Security, Arms Control and Disarmament

Could The US And China Become Partners For Peace In Ukraine?

By John Marks  |  29 May, 2023

if the US and China were to set aside their national egos and stop playing power politics, together they might be able to take a giant step toward saving tens of thousands of lives and preventing further destruction of Ukraine.

China-Strategy: Transatlantic and European Cacophony

By Herbert Wulf  |  23 April, 2023

The G7 summit of foreign ministers in Japan in mid-April sought to emphasise the need for a unified China policy. However, the diplomatic pronouncements can only gloss over the internal contradictions, but not eliminate them.

Russia And China Are Edging Out The US In The Middle East

By Amin Saikal  |  19 April, 2023

The strategic landscape of the Middle East is changing rapidly, but not in favour of the United States as the traditional powerful actor in the region. Continued adversarial US–Iranian relations and regional Arab states’ growing concerns about Washington’s reliability as an ally have widened the arena for Russia and China to expand their strategic footprints in the region.

AUKUS Commits Australia To Fight China If America Does, Simple

By Hugh White  |  03 April, 2023

Whatever the flag, Washington would not sell nuclear-powered boats unless it could count on them in war over Taiwan.

The Limits of Beijing’s Middle East Diplomacy

By Amin Saikal  |  28 March, 2023

In China-brokered talks, the two oil-rich and rival states of Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to restore diplomatic relations after a seven-year split. Although the two sides need much confidence-building, their rapprochement carries the potential to change the regional geopolitical landscape at the cost of concerns for policy hawks in the US and Israel.

Military Skirmishes in the Himalayas

By Herbert Wulf  |  21 March, 2023

In the shadow of two major geopolitical crises, the competition between China and the USA in the Pacific and the Ukraine war in Europe, a showdown between India and China is taking place in the Himalayas. The two most populous countries in the world have not been able to agree on a common border in the Himalayas for more than six decades. There are often dangerous military skirmishes, with the risk that the conflict will spiral out of control.

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