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Climate Change and Conflict Contemporary Peace Research and Practice Policy Brief  No.117 - October, 2021 • By Denise Garcia

Policy Brief No.117: Warming to a New Definition and Call for Global Action:
Humanity’s Security

This Policy Brief outlines a call for action that requires states to pool their resources, capacities and strengths for the common good of humanity to attain global public goods on a planetary scale.The world is in the throes of two classically defined global problems that confront humanity: climate change and a ruinous pandemic. Everyone is affected; only global solutions can solve them and a truly commonly agreed blueprint is needed not only to face ongoing threats, but to avoid the worst to come in the near future. Decisive joint action in the interests of all humanity is required. In the light of the stark losses incurred by the world economy as a consequence of both these problems, I argue that a new conceptualization of security must be embraced now: humanity’s security.

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