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Climate Change and Conflict Declaration  No.41 - May, 2019

Toda Oceania Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace

A Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace specific to Oceania is an important outcome of the Toda Peace Institute’s workshop “Climate Change and Conflict in the Pacific: Prevention, Management and the Enhancement of Community Resilience” which was held in September 2018. The workshop brought together international experts on climate change and security, policymakers, local peacebuilding practitioners and civil society actors from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Countries.

The key goal of the workshop was to set a framework for research that informs policy and produces real-world initiatives to address the linkages between the effects of climate change, conflict, security and peace, through dialogue between researchers, governments, civil society and communities in Oceania.

Please download and view the draft Declaration which was endorsed by the Steering Committee formed after the workshop. We invite you to submit comments and suggestions for changes to this draft. After extensive consultation we shall revise the text in the light of those submissions. Please send your suggestions before 20 June 2019 to v.boege@icloud.com

After the consultation process, we shall invite institutions and individuals from civil society, academia, governments and other stakeholders to endorse the final Declaration.