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Social Media, Technology and Peacebuilding Policy Brief  No.180 - November, 2023 • By Qamar Jafri

Policy Brief No.180: Social Media Activism for Civilian Supremacy in Myanmar and Pakistan

Image: Svet foto/Shutterstock.com

This policy brief seeks answers to the question “How are activists using social media to bring political change in Myanmar and Pakistan?” It examines the activism of political and civil society activists on social media in countries where anti-democratic forces including an alliance of military and right-wing political factions are dominating political affairs. These forces have kept tight control over traditional media (television, print) by silencing the voices of common people using force and violence. However, social media has empowered pro-civilian rule activists to raise their voices and has helped to mobilise the public in favour of political change in their societies. The policy brief explains the methods, strategies, and their impact on political and social space in Pakistani and Myanmar societies.

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