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Climate Change and Conflict Summary Report  No.178 - November, 2023 • By Liam Moore

Policy Brief No.178: How Should States Manage Climate Mobilities And Planned Relocations? Early Lessons From Fiji And Vanuatu

This Policy Brief addresses questions of how to manage situations of climate mobilities, both within and between respective states. Firstly, it looks at the guidance that exists in international law and principles and how this could apply to instances of climate mobilities. Secondly, it unpacks two examples of climate mobilities policies, in Fiji and Vanuatu, specifically the constitutive elements of the policies and what they say about their development. Finally, it draws out three lessons that can be learnt from these policies and attempts at their implementation: there must be adequate funding available, mobilities solutions must be community-led and these solutions must be forward-looking and pre-emptive.

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