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Climate Change and Conflict Policy Brief  No.195 - June, 2024 • By Sharmaarke Abdi Musse

Policy Brief No.195: Climate Governance in Somaliland: Policy Gaps, Challenges and Participatory Approaches Towards Pastoral Climate Resilience

Image: Free Wind 2014/Shutterstock.com

This Policy Brief addresses the critical challenge of climate change adaptation in Somaliland, where the impacts of climate change have led to severe social, economic, political, and ecological consequences. Climate change has already had profound effects for pastoralists whose livelihoods rely heavily on livestock, making them highly vulnerable to climate variability and change. The paper emphasizes the urgent need for climate policies and adaptation strategies that cater to the context’s specific needs, effectively bridging global climate action consensus with localized approaches. It concludes with recommendations for the Somaliland Government, other Somali stakeholders and for the international community.

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