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Contemporary Peace Research and Practice Policy Brief  No.176 - November, 2023 • By Lisa Schirch

Policy Brief No.176: A 5-Point Peace Plan - Palestine and Israel

Image: Midjourney AI

This Policy Brief expands the narratives of what is necessary at this moment in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, when too many simply say “there is no other way” or “ceasefire” which both leave many questions unanswered.  A just political solution is essential. This 5-point peace plan identifies a range of strategic principles and bridgebuilding processes to protect the safety and ensure the democratic freedoms of both Israelis and Palestinians. It emphasises the shared humanity and traumas of both Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. A sustainable peace will require that journalists and political leaders use their power to focus on protecting civilians, dismantling Hamas, ending occupation, addressing trauma, and investing in democracy.

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