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Cooperative Security, Arms Control and Disarmament

Trump's Nuclear Posture Review: A New Rift between Europe and the US?

Policy Brief  No.2 - February, 2018 • By Dick Zandee and Sico van der Meer

President Trump’s recent Nuclear Posture Review lays out important policy changes with regard to US nuclear weapons. It broadens the circumstances in which the US may use nuclear weapons and aims for the introduction of new types of ‘smaller’ nuclear weapons. Both intentions may contribute to lowering the threshold for nuclear weapons use and blur the difference between nuclear and conventional weapons. These changes have direct effects on NATO’s European member states and require an informed debate among policy makers as well as the general public in these states. This Policy Brief offers some considerations as input for such a debate.

Cooperative Security, Arms Control and Disarmament

Policy Brief No.1: Verifying the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons and Providing Assurance against Breakout

Policy Brief  No.1 - February, 2018 • By John Carlson

Effective verification will be absolutely essential to achieving nuclear disarmament. Developing effective verification may seem an impossible challenge, but there is substantial experience to build on, including IAEA safeguards and bilateral arms control processes. Examining the specific steps required to progress disarmament, we are not starting with a blank sheet, many verification missions are similar to those existing or under development today. International collaboration in developing new verification applications will contribute to the confidence and trust required to achieve the elimination of nuclear weapons.