April 07, 2022

Luxembourg Peace Prize Awarded to Toda Director

Image: Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg

Toda Peace Institute Director, Professor Kevin Clements, has been named as Outstanding Peace Activist in the 2022 Luxembourg Peace Prize awards for his outstanding efforts and initiatives to promote peace. 

The prestigious prize is awarded to recipients in a number of categories, including Outstanding Peace Activist, Outstanding Peace Education and Outstanding Peace Support.

Professor Clements has been Director of the Toda Peace Institute since 2017 and has had a long career in peace education, and heading peace NGOs around the world. Prior to that, he was Foundation Director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the Univesity of Otago.

The awards were established by the Schengen Peace Foundation, a not-for-profit charity approved by His Royal Highness Henri the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The Foundation contributes to the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through multicultural dialogue with the help of discussions, publications, exhibits and workshops, internet platforms, encounters, exchange and education programs as well as studies about peace.