September 16, 2022

Vanuatu's Bid for Climate Justice at the ICJ

Two recent reports from ABC Pacific update Vanuatu's bid to take climate justice to the International Court of Justice.


Vanuatu closes in on push to take climate justice to international court

Vanuatu says it has the support of a majority of UN General Assembly members to take climate justice to International Court of Justice.

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Vanuatu claims overwhelming support for United Nations climate justice bid

Vanuatu says it has the numbers at the United Nations General Assembly to get climate justice in front of the world's highest court.

The Pacific nation has been leading a campaign to get the International Court of Justice to issue an opinion on the right to be protected from climate change.

If a majority of the UN General Assembly's 97 states to vote in favour of the resolution, the body would then refer the matter to the ICJ.

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Image: Asia Travel/Shutterstock