September 10, 2021

Toda Launches a YouTube channel

Toda Peace Institute is pleased to launch a new initiative to bring Toda’s work to an even broader audience.

A series of recorded conversations has been uploaded to Toda’s YouTube Channel. The first conversations are part of a research project focusing on issues of peace, security and trust-building in Northeast Asia. 

“The Toda Peace Institute is fortunate to have worked with many leading experts in the field of Northeast Asian trust-building and peace, and we feel privileged to have some of them agree to join us in these conversations to share their wisdom,” said Toda Peace Institute Director, Professor Kevin Clements.

Professor Clements and Senior Research Fellow Hugh Miall facilitate the conversations.

“We hope that these recordings will be shared and viewed widely, in classrooms and by policymakers in discussions about and action planning for stable peace in Northeast Asia,” said Professor Clements.

Further conversations looking at challenges to democracy will be uploaded later this year.

The first two conversations have been uploaded to Toda’s YouTube channel. You are invited to view these enlightening conversations. Please share them widely and subscribe to the channel.

Overcoming Sino-Japanese Alienation, with Barry Buzan and Evelyn Goh

Part One: The origins of the history problem and possibilities for a great power bargain.

Part Two: The pressures of an unpredictable China, US foreign policy and domestic politics

Part Three: The lack of collaboration in the face of superordinate challenges such as climate change and pandemics, and deep-rooted history problems.

Part Four: Economic trends, confidence building measures, and the impact of status and hierarchy.

Prospects for Peace on the Korean Peninsula, with Chung-in Moon and Peter Hayes

Part One: The Korean vortex.

Part Two: Requirements for a permanent peace agreement and the likely timeline.

Part Three: The importance of denuclearisation in peace negotiations and the status of US forces in Korea.

Part Four: The Influence of domestic politics on peace prospects in the region and South Korea’s troubled relationship with Japan.

Part Five: How Northeast Asian order is perceived by Korea, the influence of the pandemic and geo-ecology initiatives.


Image: Flickr/Esther Vargas