August 18, 2020

UNDP Panel on Covid 19 and Social Media Disinformation


Dr Lisa Schirch participated in a webinar (13 July 2020) hosted by the Pakistan National Dialogue Forum and UNDP titled “Fake News and Conspiracy Theories During Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Development Programming”.

Dr. Lisa Schirch discusses the various ways in which fake news is spreading and then motivations behind disseminating false information regarding Covid-19:

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Dr. Lisa Schirch discusses how polarization in the American society is being exploited in the pandemic, Humaira Mufti discusses the role of youth in curbing disinformation and Dr. Umar Taj talks about the need of "pre-bunking" rather than "debunking" false information:

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Dr. Lisa Schrich talks about the way the public can play a role in countering fake news by being "up-standers" rather than "bystanders". Fasi Zaka discusses the role of the local government as an effective response to the pandemic which has largely been ignored:

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