Social Media, Technology and Peacebuilding

Technology and Social Cohesion: Toda Peace Seminar - Lisa Schirch

January 27, 2023

Tokyo, Japan

"Technology and Social Cohesion"
Toda Peace Seminar


How are digital tools spreading hate and disinformation online that spill over into real world violence? And how can digital tools help us build bridges online to improve social cohesion? Today, computer engineers with expertise in conflict resolution, social movements, and effective communication have already built tech products that have design affordances and algorithms that support our individual agency to participate in civic life, to build bridges between divided communities, and to create opportunities for public input into policy deliberation.

This seminar, delivered by Professor Lisa Schirch, is the second in Toda's Peace Seminar series. It was recorded in Tokyo in January 2023.

Image: winnond/Shutterstock