Social Media, Technology and Peacebuilding

"Designing Tech for Social Cohesion" Conference

February 23 - 25, 2023

San Francisco, USA

On February 23-25, Toda Peace Institute co-sponsored a major conference on "Designing Tech for Social Cohesion” in partnership with the Center for Humane Technology, Search for Common Ground, Braver Angels, More in Common, and the Civic Health Project.

This conference provided a unique space for tech innovators, practitioners with community bridge building and global peacebuilding experience, academics, government, and funders to explore a new generation of tech products that offer design affordances and algorithms optimized for prosocial content.  

While there are many other efforts to improve how technology can better serve society, this was a unique effort bringing social cohesion experts and practitioners together with tech companies.

Toda Peace Institute Senior Research Fellow Lisa Schirch was the lead organiser for the conference and produced a series of research reports that can be found on the Council for Tech and Social Cohesion website

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