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Resurgent Nationalism?
The Future of Ethnopolitics in the 21st Century

April 26, 2018

Tokyo, Japan

On April 26, The Toda Peace Institute organised and hosted a seminar on “Resurgent Nationalism? The Future of Ethnopolitics in the 21st Century” delivered by Professor Neophytos Loizides from the University of Kent.

The lecture presented evidence for and against the ‘resurgence of nationalism,’ highlighting the role of and its impacts on vulnerable groups, including refugees and displaced persons. The presentation also explored the resurgence of nationalism with majoritarian electoral systems, looking at the mechanisms linking non-consensus democracies with nationalism. Professor Loizides demonstrated how these are particularly relevant for certain countries and regions of the world particularly in the Middle East. The presentation finished with a focus on historical and contemporary remedies aimed at mitigating the most destructive manifestations of nationalism.

See Seminar Report (PDF)