"Music for a Universal Consciousness of Solidarity," conference

February 06 - 08, 2010

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia, February 6-8, 2010.

The Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research and the President Ben Ali Center for the Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions co-organized an international conference in Tunis, Tunisia, from February 6 to 8, 2010. The theme was: “Music for a Universal Consciousness of Solidarity”; so that the Other can also become the SelfWhat can be done in order to reach this goal that might seem like a utopia?

Faced with the many dangers and obstacles against which its boat may break and plunge into the chasm of oblivion, humanity must find solutions and explore ways that could lead to a universal consciousness of solidarity, without sacrificing the diversity or unique characteristics of each culture.

The conference called forth participants to discuss and explore the contributions of music as a viable means to build bridges between the world’s peoples so that all human beings, whomever and wherever they may be, can become aware of their common destiny.

Through expert presentations and lively dialogues and debates, twelve participants from Tunisia, and eight others from Belgium, France, Morocco, New Zealand, Turkey, the UK and the US were able to begin to skim the surface and delve slightly deeper into this topic and the myriad opportunities that it presents. A publication is now in progress.

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Conference Proceedings

We have received many papers from all over the world, and some of them were published in Peace & Policy 15 under the title Music and Solidarity: Questions of Universality, Consciousness and Connection. Please find additional proceedings below.

Conference Proceedings FRENCH
Bouzouita, Kerim PAPER: Haïku, Jazz et Contre-culture aux USA Une histoire de l'Alter-américanisme SUMMARY: Haïku, Jazz and Counter-culture in the USA
Darroux, Jaufre PAPER: L' Art primordial SUMMARY: Essential Art
Dumbrill, Richard;
DeFlorence, Bruno;
Urbain, Olivier
SUMMARY: Construire la Solidarité par les improvisations musicales: Laissez les enfants chanter PAPER: Building Solidarity through Musical Improvisations: Let the Children Sing
Fantar, M’hamed PAPER: Le Dialogue des Civilisations et des Religions PAPER: The Dialogue of Civilizations and Religions
Fehry, Riadh PAPER: Message de Riadh Fehri: “Ouvrons l’espace à la communication” SUMMARY: Message from Riadh Fehri: “Let us Open Space for Communication”
M’barek, Sonia PAPER: Le Rôle du musicien en faveur de l’interculturalité SUMMARY: The Role of the Musician in Promoting Interculturality
Sanfeliu, Alba SUMMARY: Cinquante ans de Chansons et de Concerts Géants pour la Solidarité PAPER: Fifty Years of Songs and Large Concerts for Solidarity
Zinelabidine, Mohammed PAPER: "L'ETRE musicien"; Identite, textualite et contextualite SUMMARY: "The HUMAN BEING as musician"; Identity and context

Participant Photos

Tunisia 2010

From left to right:
Vanessa Contopulos, Imed Abdelrahim, a guest, Salem Trigui, a guest, Mhamed Hassine Fantar, Feriel Bouhadiba, Olivier Urbain, Salem Labbene, Richard Dumbrill, a guest, Soufiane El Feki, Itir Toksoz, Fethi Zghonda, Fakher Hakima, a guest, Alia Sellami, Jaufre Darroux, Lobna, and a guest.

Front center: a guest (crouching), June Boyce-Tillman, Satoko Takahashi.
Finally in front of Alia Sellami: Felicity Laurence (with a scarf).

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