"Humanitarian Competition and Global Visioning," conference

July 12 - 13, 2010

Sydney, Australia

"Humanitarian Competition and Global Visioning"
Sydney, Australia, July 12-13, 2010.

In his 2009 Peace Proposal, the founder of the Toda Institute, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, recommended “the creation of an office of global visioning within the UN secretariat in order to enable the international body to project and anticipate future trends and developments and focus its energies on these.” The goal of “global visioning” is to be able to foresee problems, anticipating the challenges humanity will face because of the effects of financial crises, climate change, protracted conflicts, and other issues.

The idea of "Humanitarian Competition," also found in the 2009 Peace Proposal, was first proposed by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi in his 1903 work The Geography of Human Life. It sprang from Makiguchi's observation that competition based on military, political or economic superiority was not serving the best interests of humankind. Instead, he envisioned a world in which groups and nations would vie with each other to find the most effective and humane solutions to our most urgent problems.

Following this vein, this past July (12 and 13), 2010, the Toda Institute hosted a conference entitled Humanitarian Competition and Global Visioning, in Sydney, Australia. The three outstanding groups have been researching the topics of: South-South Network: Culture and Arts and Non-state Armed Groups, Envisioning Peace through Tourism, and evaluating the past 10 years of Justice and Conflict Resolution in East Timor.

We are greatly anticipating the outcomes of their work and the ability to potentially publish on these topics, please keep an eye on our publications for more information if you are interested: https://toda.org/policy-briefs-and-resources/books.html.

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