Projects in Reverse Chronological Order

Since its foundation the Toda Institute has organized a series of thematic projects in order to reach long-term goals through its conferences and publications.

2006-2007: HUGG2.

2005: Peace: Education, Art, Culture and Environment (P.E.A.C.E).

2001-2004: Globalization, Regionalization and Democratization (GRAD).

1996-2000: Human Security and Global Governance (HUGG).

Some details are outlined below.

Year 2006

- HUGG2 PROJECTS - Global Obligations for Food and Nutrition Security, Tensions in the Southeast Asia Region Fostering Collaborative Encounters, Peace Journalism, Development and Global Governance Group, Building Bridges for Digital Opportunities.

Year 2005

- P.E.A.C.E. PROJECTS - New Technologies and the Transnational Propagation of Peace: Anti-Racist Campaigns, Digital Divide, Thinking Globally Acting Locally: Democratization, Globalization and Changing Regional & Global Order: National Implications of Democracy Theory & Practice in the South Caucasus, Islam and Democracy in Southeast Asia (Writers' Workshop), Production of a Higher Education Course Prototype on Peace Journalism, Strengthening the Contributions of the Arts to Peace Worldwide

Year 2004

- 3rd GRAD Conference - Budapest, Hungary, July 1-3, 2004

Year 2003

- 2nd GRAD Conference - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, June 14-16, 2003

Year 2002

- GRAD - Cyprus - A Planning Conference: The Struggle for Democracy in West Asia In the Context of Global and Regional Conflicts - Limassol, Cyprus, March 29-31, 2002
- GRAD Oxford - Sponsored by the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research (Tokyo and Honolulu) and the Globalization Research Center of the University of Hawaii, an international conference on globalization, regionalization, and democratization (GRAD) will meet at Magdalen College, Oxford University, March 17-20, 2002.

Year 2001

- HUGG West Asia III - "International Commission for Security and Cooperation." Doha, Qatar. January 5-7, 2001
- HUGG Moscow - "Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for Eurasian Security and Cooperation." This conference will focus on the problems of the world's Northern hemisphere. Moscow, Russia. June 18-20, 2001

Year 2000

- HUGG Okinawa - "Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for a New Millennium." The focus of this conference is on cultural responses to institutional challenges and different cultural visions for global institutional transformation for peace. Okinawa, Japan. February 11-13, 2000
- HUGG West Asia Workshop II - "International Security and Cooperation in West Asia," in collaboration with the Center for World Dialogue, Limassol, Cyprus, May 27-29, 2000

Year 1999

- HUGG West Asia Conference I - "Seminar on Human Security and Regional Governance in West Asia," Istanbul, Turkey, March 5-7, 1999.
- HUGG Berlin Conference -"Global Governance for Cultural Security II: Migration, Identity, and Cultural Negotiation," in collaboration with the Berlin House of World Cultures, Berlin, October 15-17, 1999.
- HUGG Northern Ireland Conference - "Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland," in collaboration with the Queens College, City University of New York. Keynote by former Senator George Mitchell. December 2, 1999.

Year 1998

- "Reforming the United Nations for Human Security I," in collaboration with La Trobe University and Focus on the Global South, Melbourne, March 23-24, 1998.
- "Global Governance for Cultural Security I: Migration, Identity, and Cultural Negotiation," in collaboration with the Berlin House of World Cultures, Honolulu, June 13, 1998.
- HUGG International Symposium - Africa - "Food Security and Governance in Africa," in collaboration of the University of Durban, Durban, June 19-21, 1998"
- HUGG Sydney Conference - "Socio-Economic Security: Globalization, Employment, and Quality of Life," in collaboration with University of Sydney, Australia. November 28-29, 1998.

Year 1997

- HUGG Hawaii Conference - June 1997- "Human Security and Governance in Hawaii: Sovereignty, Diversity, Economy, and Justice." Held at the East-West Center, Honolulu; in collaboration with the Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawaii. April 5, 1997.
- HUGG Asia Pacific -"Power Shifts and Emerging Security Regimes." An International Conference sponsored by Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research; School of Politics, La Trobe University; and the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawaii. June 6-8, 1997.
- HUGG Disarmament -"Non-Nuclear Prerequisites for Nuclear Disarmament." An International Conference co-sponsored by Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research and The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Taplow, Maidenhead, UK. September 26-28, 1997.

Year 1996

- Inaugural Seminar, April 3, 1996, Cambridge, USA. "The Future of Conflict And Peace Studies". Lecture by Professor Kevin Clements
- Regional Advisory Council, May 1996, Tehran, Iran
- Regional Advisory Council, June 1996, London, UK
- Regional Advisory Council, July 1996, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
- International Advisory Council, July 8-12, 1996, Brisbane, Australia Concurrent with the International Peace Research Association Conference
- HUGG Inaugural Lectures by Professors Kevin Clements and Majid Tehranian. The United Nations University, Tokyo, July 17, 1996, and Naha, Okinawa, July 19, 1996.
- Regional Advisory Council, September 17-18, 1996, Hiroshima, Japan Concurrent with the Hiroshima Symposium - "Fifty Years of Nuclear Weapons"
- "Human Security and Global Governance: Problems and Prospects"