Rick Wayman

Youth participation in social movements: A case study of the British nuclear disarmament movement by Rick Wayman, Director of Programs, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, California, USA. Abstract: Around the time of the US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 I trained many energetic, passionate young people throughout the UK in the theory and practice of nonviolent protest. The anger and disillusionment of the youth was palpable at that time, as was the belief that their concerted action could alter the course of major geopolitical events. In my subsequent work with youth and student movements of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), I was surprised to find a relatively low level of youth involvement. This led me to the question: How can the youth leaders of CND's youth and student movement successfully promote active participation from all members and recruit new members to the movement? In this paper I reach conclusions regarding public demonstrations, community building, use of music, utilization of members' talents, and improving the organization's public image. All of the conclusions are designed to increase the level of participation in the movement among young people in the UK, the majority of whom already support CND's positions. The conclusions drawn from this research are applicable not only to CND, but to most social movements involving young people.