Byong Sun Ahn

A nuclear-free Korean Peninsula requires a comprehensive settlement by Ahn Byoung-sun, Korean Representative, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Abstract: George W Bush's November 18, 2006 suggestion at the APEC Summit in Vietnam that the United States and South Korean presidents, George W. Bush and Roh Moo-hyun, end the armistice with Kim Jong-il by sitting together some day while they are in office has inspired hope for peace. According to the Atlantic Council of the U.S., "By expressing a willingness to negotiate the nuclear issue alongside other military, political and economic issues, the U. S. would radically improve the political conditions for the negotiations. As the history of negotiating with North Korea demonstrates, improvements in political conditions almost always precede and facilitate agreements on security-related issues. A diplomatic approach focusing primarily on the nuclear issue has thus far proved inadequate." This article examines the role of international peace activists in promoting not only North Korean nuclear disarmament but also a broader disarmament of both nuclear and conventional weapons in East Asia. This article argues that the U.S. must honor the NPT, stop threatening to use nuclear weapons, and take a principled, leading role in negotiations and treatise in order to achieve a nuclear free Korean Peninsula. If the U.S chooses not to honor its February 13, 2007 agreements then the hope and progress achieved since Bush’s suggestion will be undermined. This is of particular concern because of the U.S. tendency to disregard agreements